Monday, March 22, 2010


For those of you living on a coast, especially the East Coast in Canada, you know how lucky you are to eat fresh fish and seafood whenever you like! Lobster, fish and chips, scallops, mussels are just some of my favourites! This weekend a bunch of us went to Peggy's Cove (a tourist hotspot right outside Halifax, NS). Here we indulged in fresh caught lobster with garlic butter to dip in. For those of you wanting to try out lobster I would definitley reccomend hitting up Peggy's Cove. It may not be the most romantic atmosphere but the restaurant is located right beside the ocean, atop the rocks. You have a stunning view of the ocean and lighthouse, and it sure makes the lobster experience quite fun! For those of you living in Halifax and looking for a good lobster, check out McKelvie's or Salty's!

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