Thursday, March 4, 2010


Kultura Social Dining is sister restaurant to Nyood in Toronto. They are both operated by Exectuive Chef and Food Network Host Roger Mooking. I went here two weeks ago with my sister and it was such a great experience. The restaurant is located in a three story building - which used to be a gallery. One wall is completely bricks, and the feel is so trendy and different. The main floor is a lounge for dinks and snacks and then you go up a dimly lit staircase to the next two levels for the restaurant.

All the dishes at Kultura are meant to share and come out one at a time, a really fun way to try out a bunch of different foods and have a nice (not rushed) dinner experience. To start off your night they bring you some Indian papardum with mango chutney (delectable) and then from there you choose what plates you would like. They recommend ordering about 4-5 plates off their MENU for parties of two. My favourite were the Indian Samosas. I would highly recommend checking this place out. It was a great new find and I can't wait to test out Nyood!

169 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario

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