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Donna Hay is one of my favourite chefs but she is as equally at good at entertaining. A sort of Martha Stewart like Australian lady! Her style tips for the food and table jazz up any type of party! Her "do-it-yourself" type ideas make it easy for any entertainer to add a little pzazz to their normal ideas!

This is her version of a "care package.": Nurse winter colds with a comforting serve of soup delivered with love to a friends’ door. Once your home-cooked soup has cooled, pour into a leak-proof glass jar. Be sure to include a few herbs, crusty bread and a personal note in the package. (

Hand drawn placemats: "Draw a plate, knife, fork and glass on paper and use them as disposable placemats to add a unique touch to your table. Use large sheets of paper in any colour you like and draw the shapes in charcoal or crayon to add colour. Go the extra step and write your guests’ name above or on the plate if you want everyone to sit in a certain place. This is a great project for kids." (

Here is a great trick, especially for the warm months with the many outdoor parties!
"Weighed down.": Don’t let a breezy blow out ruin your well-set outdoor table – make your own table weights.1. You’ll need four potato-sized stones you’ve collected (sticks will do the job nicely, too), cotton cord and superglue. Cut out four 20cm lengths of cord. Pipe superglue around the diameter of a stone, place the stone in the middle of a cord and press to stick on. Hold in place until the glue sets, then tie the cord in a knot around the stone. Repeat with the other stones and cord.
2. Gather one corner of your tablecloth together and tie on the stone weight. Secure the remaining table corners with weights at varying heights. (

Hopefully these fabulous tricks have inspired your for the next party you throw. Check out all the rest of these great ideas at under her "style ideas" section! ENJOY!

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