Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Nigella Lawson - a domestic goddess! I first came across her kitchenware while visiting family in London. At the end of one of the streets I walked each day was a kitchen store with Nigella's famous robin egg blue oval bowls in the window. That colour just drew me in and since then I have been a fan of her products. They are so elegant and the colours are so simple and fresh. The oval bowls are fabulous, as is her knife/chopper...the two handed one! Just lovely. Here are a few examples of what Nigella has to offer - and they are available just about everywhere across the globe now!

Vegetable and Salad Dishes

Mixing Dishes

Salt Pig

Salt and Pepper Piglets

Egg Cup and Saucer

Mezzaluna Herb Chopper

For information on where to purchase Nigella products online or at a store near you click HERE for her website's product guide and listings.

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  1. Do you know anywhere I can find those Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen Egg-cups with saucers?