Sunday, June 20, 2010


Making popsicles was one of the best things about summer when I was younger. We would always make our own popsicles using different juices or yogurt and a mold. They were always so fun, and waiting for them to freeze always felt too long!

We used to just use molds with popsicle sticks - which worked great, but now they are so many more options out there, making it even more fun for kids!

LAKELAND (creative kitchenware) has a great line of popsicle (lollipop as this British company says) molds. Check them out!

The strawberry molds are my favourite! But the twist holders and the rubber ones that you squeeze make it very easy for kids to get their popsicles!

Buy LAKELAND products online HERE !! Have fun with your kids this summer and spice up your popsicle making!

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