Monday, June 28, 2010


Cutting a cake means there is always one bad slice at the beginning. There is rarely a "perfect" slice cut right off the bat, unfortunately. But with this new product called the "Main Squeeze," Magisso's "clasp-and-lift cake slicer oops-proofs the serving process." (Toronto Life) Cake cutting made easy! And with this cool design you can probably imagine why! This interesting kitchen tool is available at Studio Brillantine in Toronto. 

Studio Brillantine specializes in presenting new designs that are exciting and different. According to Studio Brillantine, "the designers, architects and artists have enriched our culture showing us a new way to experience the everyday creating products for us to enjoy and experience in our lives connecting us to their world. " The Studio Brillantine collection are objects that are chosen because of their historical significance, quality, function, emotional and visual impact, innovation, humour and vision! Check out the arry of interesting and crazy products Studio Brillantine has to offer - including the main squeeze cake cutter! This product definitely fits Studio Brillantine's collection to a tee!

Studio Brillantine
1518 Queen St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
photo credit: & google images

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