Sunday, June 13, 2010


What could be a more perfect summertime dessert, then s'mores around a campfire (or just an inside fire)?! S'mores are a traditional nighttime popular treat and there is no doubt as to why. Marshmallows, warm chocolate and graham crackers - delish!

To make a s'more you will need an outdoor or indoor fire, graham crackers, jersey milk chocolate pieces and marshmallows! Use sticks to roast (or burn, depending on how you like them) your marshmallows. Make sure the two graham crackers are out and ready for the marshmallow before you begin roasting, and it's always better to put the piece of chocolate on the crackers first as well. It just makes the assembly part that much easier at the end! Once your marshmallow is toasted the way you like - simply slide it onto one of the crackers, and use the other to pull the marshmallow off the stick! ENJOY!

What a great summertime treat!

photo credit: google images

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