Saturday, June 19, 2010


It was my birthday on Tuesday, so for dessert I wanted something really fun but pretty. I love baking, but I never feel like my cake or cupcake decorations are up to snuff. They don't have that professional feel to them....yet. So I decided to order The Cupcake Shoppe's mini cupcakes with pink and purple flowers.

The Cupcake Shoppe in Toronto offers 17 nut-free flavour cupcakes, with nine of those available in store everday. They are Toronto's own Magnolia Bakery (of New York).  The Cupcake Shoppe reminds people how fun cupcakes can be - and how they really do make a difference at any party. The cupcakes themselves are always moist and fresh. The icing is creamy and rich, but they don't overdo the icing to cupcake ratio, which is always nice. The decoration ideas they offer are fabulous, and my cupcakes (in my opinion) made my party! Everyone always gather's around desserts, especially if they are pretty and fun!

Here are the cupcake flavours they offer:


PRETTY N' PINK: vanilla or chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

JAMES BROWN: chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

SLEEPLESS IN TORONTO: vanilla or chocolate cake with coffee buttercream

CREAMSICLE: vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla and orange swirled buttercream

AFTER ATE: chocolate cake with mint buttercream

CURIOUS GEORGE: vanilla or chocolate cake with banana buttercream

STRAWBERRIES N ' CREAM: vanilla cake with vanilla and strawberry swirled buttercream

MANGO MADNESS: vanilla or chocolate cake with mango buttercream

CRUMMIE: chocolate cake with cookies n' cream buttercream

LOV' N LEMON: vanilla or chocolate cake with lemon buttercream

FROST ME: vanilla frosting on marble cake

STICKY N' SWEET: vanilla cake dipped in caramel

OPPOSITES ATTRACT: chocolate frosting on vanilla butter cake

EH?: vanilla cake with maple buttercream


LEMON DROP: lemon frosting on vanilla cake

NAUGHTY N' SPICE: spice cake with vanilla buttercream

So for my birthday I got the Charlie Brown and Yonge & Eligible cupcakes with pink and purple flowers. Here is how pretty they were....

But The Cupcake Shoppe does so many great decorations. Along with regular flowers they do hydrangeas and roses, as well as the specialty cakes and decorations (as seen below).

Check out The Cupcake Shoppe for all your baking needs!! It's delicious and beautiful!

The Cupcake Shoppe

2417 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4P 2E7, Canada
(416) 322-6648
photo credit: my pictures &

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