Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ok this is just too weird! Graphic designer Neil Caldwell has created multi-coloured bacon that retains its colouring once it is cooked! Red, green, blue and even purple bacon was made, creating a full fledged rainbow of bacon. Caldwell won't share his secret on how he did it, but unfortunatley the bacon cannot be eaten, only admired.

The dying process beings

The dyed, uncooked bacon

The bacon cooked and dyed

Coloured bacon ready to serve!

Owner and editor Rocco Loosbrock of BaconToday (an entire site dedicated to bacon!!)says, "it was just kind of a joke that's gotten a lot of attention. Neil submitted this to us, and we put out his photos on our website. It's gotten a lot of attention, and a milion page views. It's unique and fun."

So wild! What do you think of this crazy new coloured bacon?!

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  1. looks like a pretty "colourful" idea. LOL