Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ok so I don't usually like chain restaurants. I mean, they are fine for a meal with a bunch of people but I often find the food pre-made and not very fresh or original. However, the one spot that I really enjoy is Earls. February was the first time I went to Earls as it is a seriously popular restaurant in Vancouver - and I was there for the Olympics. It was tough finding good food that fit a crowd of 10 so we ended up at Earls numerous times. Generally at chain restaurants there may be only one or two things I like but at Earls there were plenty.

I'd describe Earls as a step down from The Keg. The decor is chic and modern - and just the overall atmosphere has a really great feel. The one's that have patios, have very relaxing and cool patios. Anyone would be happy sipping on a mojito at one of their patios. I live in Toronto and there is only one Earls near me - but it's still half an hour away. For all of you west coasters, (Alberta & B.C) I highly recommend Earls. They are super accommodating and the food truly is delicious!

Here are some menu highlights:

Santa Fe Chicken Salad avocado, black beans, corn, dates and mixed lettuces in a peanut lime vinaigrette, crispy tortillas, half breast cajun spiced chicken

Baby Calamari tender, crunchy breaded squid with sweet red onions and our own house-made tzatziki

One Pound Wings choose hot, searing hot or thai style, with perfect parmesan dip and celery sticks (the THAI flavour is so good!!)

Hunan Kung Pao spicy ginger soy sauce with wok fried noodles and seared vegetables, topped with peanuts, customize spice by adding 1-6 hunan peppers

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