Friday, June 11, 2010


Since I have recently been in Stratford, I thought I would also blog about one of our absolute favourite spots. DOWN THE STREET! Such a catchy restaurant name, and truly down the street from the theaters in Stratford, in the historical downtown. Since I was about five we have been going to see plays at Stratford and DOWN THE STREET has always been a staple stop on our trip!

The restaurant is perfect for lunch and dinner but also the town hot spot after any play, for late night food and drinks! The restaurant is warm and cozy with one of the coolest vibes I've probably ever felt. There are plenty of chandeliers, old beautiful curtains and a sort of Russian palace like feel to the place. It's small and cozy and a perfect spot for any of your food needs. Their menu is seasonal featuring organic and local food - a definite plus! The frites (french fries) are known everywhere and one of the best delights on the menu! You can't go to DOWN THE STREET without ordering these for the table to share - TRUST ME!

If you can't wait to eat dinner after a play, you could always skip dessert and then go to DOWN THE STREET for dessert after a play. That is quite the tradition in our family. Their desserts are top notch and they have two separate kitchens, one for food and one for desserts. The pecan square is also the dessert they are known for - with bourbon ice cream. DELISH! Also, the hot chocolate in a bowl (and the coffees) are just so great and fun!

If you are ever in Stratford this is not a place to miss. Lunch, dinner or apres bar - GO TO THIS PLACE!

Susan is the owner and the friendliest and nicest lady. You will feel right at home the minute you walk in the place! Make a reservation if you can, because this place fills up fast - always a good sign!

30 Ontario Street
Stratford, Ontario

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