Monday, June 25, 2012


Tonight I had the absolute pleasure of catering a pre prom party for a group of grade 12 grads! Congrats to them!

One of my favourite appetizers these days is my take on a dish I first had at FARM restaurant in Calgary a few summers ago. Smashed peas seasoned with mint topped with a lemon whipped ricotta. Incredibly fresh and perfect for the summer flavours. At FARM, we were served this dish as an appetizer, with crostini and the peas & ricotta separated in two bowls.

Tonight I took the flavour combo ideas and made them into a fresh and delicious appetizer. Mini crostini bites on pain de mie was the route I opted for. Pain de mie has a sweeter flavour than most baguettes, and also comes in the mini size which was perfect for this one bite event. Garnished with a pea tendril (or pea shoot), it was the perfect size and bite for an event like this. Light, refreshing, and oozing summer flavours, I was very happy with the end result!

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