Monday, June 25, 2012


Peameal bacon, also known as Canadian bacon everywhere outside of Canada is a staple food, that has been adored for years. Peameal bacon is different than the bacon most people are used to.

The meat part of it is a boneless pork loin which is then rolled in yellow cornmeal and slowly cured. There is less fat in peameal bacon, making them more lean, which also ensures a more uniform product. Here is a fun fact, before the start of the world wars, peameal bacon was actually first rolled in dried and ground yellow peas - not cornmeal! Peameal bacon sandwiches are a staple at the St Lawrence Market, and turning into quite the popular sandwich option!

Last night I was at a Canadian themed birthday party, for a friend from the U S of A, celebrating his birthday for the first time in Canada. The party was all Canadian, with tons of flag memorabilia and other Canadian goodies such as Keith's, Canadian, maple syrup, hockey jerseys, Tim Hortons name it. The snack of the night, which in my opinion was a great highlight were the peameal bacon sammys served on a mini sesame bun and served with your choice of grainy mustard or ketchup. They were a total success!

For a different take on bacon, try using peameal bacon, and if you are looking for a sandwich stuffed to the brim with this delectable pork loin, check out Toronto's historic St. Lawrence Market.

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