Thursday, June 28, 2012


Happy Canada Day Weekend! A weekend that is sure to be filled with red & white, summer sun, cottage docks and a whole lot of love for this nation.

What better way than to celebrate with friends, family and of course food! I have found a few "food" ideas that I think are perfect for jazzing up your Canada Day party celebrations. Whether you are hosting this weekend, or you are an invitee looking for a hostess gift, any of these three ideas are sure to be the star of the party.

1. Watermelon Maple Leaf: I think this is just the one of the best Canada Day ideas I have ever seen. Watermelon is the perfect choice, refreshing on a hot summer day and loved by all. You can't go wrong with this one!

To assemble: cut your watermelon into square or rectangle slabs (as thick as you would like). Using a maple leaf cookie cuter, cut out as many as you will need. Insert a popsicle stick and refrigerate until party time.

2. Strawberry Shortcake on a skewer: what food has a better red & white combo than the classic strawberry shortcake. Instead of making one big cake, try making skewers. They are perfect for outdoor entertaining, and can be eaten with one hand. Fun for a crowd and a great dessert to get the kids to help make.

To assemble: cut out squares or circles of already cooked shortcake or biscuits. Using a wooden skewer, assemble by alternating layers between cake, whipping cream and washed & sliced strawberries.

3. Canada Day Jello Shooters: now this could be straight jello for the kids, or a little boozy for the adults. These are great to have during the day or at night. Perfect for lunch or dinner, you can't go wrong with these mini "treats."

To assemble: repare jello as per the instructions (including the alcohol if you are making them for the late night crowd). Pour jello into shooter moulds and refrigerate. Finish with some whipped cream and a strawberry or raspberry or cherry for that matter on the top!

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