Tuesday, June 19, 2012


For a dinner party I am catering today, the dessert I decided to make is all about Ontario's fruits.

It's now summer, which means the best of the fruits are starting to come out. I am doing a strawberry-rhubarb crumble, and for a little twist from the classic vanilla ice cream, I decided to make a silky ginger ice cream to go on top.

This ice cream recipe is super simple, and literally takes 15 minutes to churn in an ice cream machine. I have the kitchen aid one, and it's a peach, love it!

To really get the full ginger flavour, I first steeped fresh ginger into the milk and cream mixture for about 20 minutes. And right before churning the ice cream, I added in a handful of diced crystallized ginger, for flavour and for appearance sake.

Emma's Ginger Ice Cream

- 500ml 35% cream
- 500ml whole milk
- 10 egg yolks
- 200g sugar
- 1 knob of fresh ginger cut into pieces
- 8 pieces of crystallized ginger diced

1. In a sauce pan over med-low heat, infuse the milk & cream with the fresh ginger. Let steep about 20 minutes.
2. Once the ginger flavour is infused, remove the cut up ginger pieces, add in the sugar and return to the heat. Allow sugar to dissolve.
3. Once the mixture has come to a boil, it is time to add in the eggs. Work fast! You do not want the custard to burn or the eggs to scramble. In order to prevent this you need to temper the eggs. Add a tbsp or two of the hot mixture into the eggs and beat. Then slowly add the egg mixture in a constant flowing stream to the pot of milk&cream, whisking the whole time.
4. Continue to whisk the mixture until an almost custard like consistency has formed.
5. Transfer to a bowl, place a piece of plastic wrap on the top to avoid a skin from forming and let chill in the fridge over night.
6. Day Two: churn ice cream as per your ice cream makers directions
7. Enjoy!