Thursday, June 21, 2012


With this heat wave on the go, and summer finally here, it can only mean one thing: the start of the outdoor parties!

I love being outside during the summer, and its the perfect time to glam up your backyard or outdoor space and have a party. There are so many ways to spice up your plain old backyard, so I thought I would share the top photos I found that capture my favourite decorating ideas for a summer party.

1. THE BEER (& BAR) STATION: the most important part of an outdoor party, is an easy access, self serve bar. I love the idea of using an old bucket, like the tin ones pictured below. Fill it up with ice, make a menu, attach an opener and you are ready to go. If you are feeling even more generous, pre cut some lemon and limes to make your guests beer just that much better.

Different Beer Bucket Ideas

2. THE DRINKS STATION: My new summer obsession are the lemonade type dispensers (1st picture below). Perfect to fill up with different drinks, like lemonade, flavoured water, iced tea...the options are endless. I love how cute they are, and to me have such a retro feel. 

The "Lemonade" Stand

Flavoured Water Holders

3. THE LIGHTING: Nothing is more beautiful than being outside when it is perfectly lit by the time dusk falls around. Candles, lights, decorations, all of these "little" things add to making your party perfect. Try something different and light up your outdoor space! When I was younger and spending my summers on the lake, my mom would let us host one of the summer parties. BUT, she insisted every time that we put up our PATIO LANTERNS. It sort of became our thing, and to this day, every time we have a party at the cottage, we bust out our patio lanterns!

Patio Lanterns

Tea Lights & Brown Paper Bag Lanterns (great for lining an entrance way)


  1. I love lemonade dispensers! I also love when lemonade is spiked with vodka or gin lol

  2. Your outdoor party ideas are adorable. Honestly loved all of them and will be implementing them in outdoor party at NYC venues. Have to make it awesome and thrilling. Looking for some good party planner who can help me to arrange it.