Friday, April 20, 2012


I am a huge tea drinker, never really loved coffee but I adore tea!

My favourites include peppermint tea (great for digestion!), orange pekoe and of course, Earl Gray.

While visiting the St Anne's Spa in Coburg I found the best Earl Gray tea I have ever had! And to my happiness, the spa sold it! Their Earl Gray tea is a smooth aromatic blend with a creamy-fruity flavour. The blend is a typical Earl Gray, but there is a hint of vanilla & cream which gives the tea a rich and comforting flavour. It is truly wonderful!

The best way to enjoy tea, with an oatmeal cookie to dunk in!

This tea is loose leaf, and I think loose leaf teas are great. The problem is, not everyone has a tea pot that can accommodate loose leaf teas. One day at Ikea I stumbled upon this great pot for only $13. With a built in area for the tea leaves, it doubles not only as a tea pot that can hold the tea leaves but as a visually appealing pot as well!

Happy tea drinking!

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