Friday, April 13, 2012


After spending an incredible week in the sunny south on the stunning and remote island Barbuda, I have come back with a few food favourites that I would like to share with you!!


1. Fresh Lobster: caught right off the resort dock, I have never had such melt in your mouth lobster in my life. Not like your typical rubbery tail, this lobster was insanely soft, juicy and perfect for dipping in their lemon butter!

2. Escargot: like my previous post said, I love snails! No better way than with loads of butter and a ton of fresh garlic!

3. Coconut Cake: Coconut is a totally underused ingredient in baking here, but not down south! My personal favourite dessert at the resort was the coconut cake. Moist layers of vanilla cake lined with coconut frosting, and coated completely in grated coconut!

4. Wahoo: Wahoo is a fish found worldwide in tropical areas. The fish is white and extremely flaky, making it quite popular at Coco Point Lodge. Fished daily, this fish also comes right off the fishing boat, is filleted at the dock and sent straight over to the kitchen. Can't beat that freshness that's for sure. The fish was enjoyed with black beans and fried plantains!

Filleted Wahoo right at the dock

5. Ting Ripple: Ting is a grapefruit carbonated beverage originating out of the Caribbean. This drink is so refreshing, but one of the drink specialties of the resort is their "Ting Ripple." A favourite in our family for the kids under ten! I dub it the "Barbuda's Shirley Temple." A Ting Ripple is ting mixed with grenadine giving it a bubblegum pink colour!

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