Monday, April 16, 2012


I love Thai food! However this was not always the case, I used to shy away from the food thinking it was too spicy - but that all changed when I went to Cosmic Charlie's in Peterborough.

I used to spend my summers on a lake near there and two of my best girlfriends at the lake introduced me to Cosmic's (as we call it) during of our dinners in the city! I fell in love and frequent the place whenever I am in the area!

It's a small joint, probably seating about twenty five. The atmosphere is inviting and has quite a hip and comfy vibe. But the real star of Cosmics is the food! Wonderfully crafted Thai dishes that leave me wishing I was on the next plane to Bangkok.

My personal favourite is the Shanghai noodles, which are rice noodles in a yellow curry coconut broth, with crisp veggies, tons of cilantro, your choice of protein and a little cold plain yoghurt to cool the heat.

Another favourite is the pad thai, the butter chicken is great but a real star is the green chicken curry. I have never had such a luxurious curry, I could have just bathed in it!

I also love Cosmics salads. The typical mango salad is a fresh julienne vegetable & mango heaven, refreshing, crisp and finished off perfectly with a squeeze of lime. If you feel like a simple green salad, get the garden greens (pictured below) finished with a salad dressing I can honestly say I have never tried before: feta & garlic! Creamy, rich but perfectly balanced, this dressing is going to become a staple at home!

Cosmic Charlie's Cafe
170 Charlotte Street
Peterborough ON

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