Sunday, May 2, 2010


I love jellies or sauces when eating meats, fish, vegetables, the works! I am a big lover of HP sauce for my meat, but I love to try out new sauces. This weekend we had a big family dinner and I was introduced to Summer Kitchen's Sweet Horseradish. It was delectable! Summer Kitchen's Fine Food is based out of Toronto, Ontario and has a large array of products; condiments, spice rubs, jams and jellies, sauces, salad dressings and nutties. Their products reflect their "old fashioned ideals" - their food is handled with care and they use pure natural ingredients - there are no trans fat acids in ANY of their products. Mary Fabiano is the chef behind this company and her passion and curiosity allows her company to produce creative products. Visit their website because each product is accompanied by one or two recipes highlighting their product - it's great!

Here are some of the great, different products they have:

Amorizia Sweet Horseradish: An unexpected twist to a traditional ingredient. Amorizia's sweet robust flavours complement any cheese, meat or seafood dish and add a zest to marinades and vinaigrette's. Simply a perfect match to any food (Summer Kitchen Website Product Information)

Banana Patch Jam: This "chock-full" of bananas jam is a must for banana lovers. Spread on any peanut butter sandwich, toast or muffin; or use as a filling in chocolate cakes or on ice cream. A true taste sensation. (Summer Kitchen Website Product Information)

Chili Lime Peanuts: As a host you will rise to the occasion. This addictive combination makes it difficult to stop at the first mouthful. Bring out this desirable snack food at any informal gathering or add crunch to stir-fries and/or salads. (Summer Kitchen Website Product Information)

Simply Shallot Dressing: With its edgy shallot makes this dressing sing! Its simple fresh flavours make it equally delicious for potato salad, salad greens or for marinating meats and fish. (Summer Kitchen Website Product Information)

Surf & Turf Grilling Sauce: Get the sparks flying with Surf & Turf Grilling Sauce. For use on or off the fire, it transforms plain vegetables, stir-fries, and grilled meats or seafood into tantalizing dishes. (Summer Kitchen Website Product Information)

Gone Fishing Seafood Rub: A refreshingly subtle flavoured rub ideal for fish and seafood. Give your fish or seafood a good douse of wine, or a generous squeeze of lemon and apply the rub to it and cook. (Summer Kitchen Website Product Information)

photo credits: my images & summer kitchen website

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