Saturday, May 1, 2010


I love using herbs in cooking, especially in the summertime. These herb pots from Crate&Barrel are perfect for growing your own herbs this summer. Growing your own is so much better then just buying the prepackaged one's from the grocery store. They are fresh and delicious, we grow parsley and basil all summer long at the cottage - and use it daily! Crate&Barrel have these great terra cotta and white clay pots. They are handpainted and made in Portugal. I think these pots would be perfect in the summer - they are nice looking, and each pot is decorated according to the herb.

Check them out online at:

You can also buy the chalkboard markers for each plant from the Crate&Barrel website. I think they are really cute and would be fun for summer!

photo credit: crate&barrel

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