Thursday, May 20, 2010


Air Canada's enRoute magazine's May edition features an article about the use of different trees as a creative preparation of food. Springtime tips of fir, pine and spruce have traditionally been a source of food for "foragers" but now apparently restaurants are also adapting this technique. Brett Graham the chef of Ledbury in London created a evergreen sprig-studded sausage served with baked Douglas fir needles. Toronto's Temple Kitchen has created a remoulade spiked with pickled spruce tips. Vancouver's Boneta has created pine macaroons while their sister restaurant The Diamond has put conifer syrup into a cool cocktail.

Would you want to try tree flavoured food!?

1 Cordova, Vancouver 
The Diamond
6 Powell St, Vancouver
The Ledbury
127 Ledbury Rd, London

Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Ave, Toronto

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