Saturday, May 1, 2010


After looking at Bakerella (a fantastic blog on baking) I was introduced to this website called BAKE IT PRETTY. For any one who loves baking, or decorating enter this website at your own risk. I have just spent wayyyyy to much time looking at all of the great designs they have and I feel a purchase coming on. BAKE, DECORATE, PACKAGE, CELEBRATE are the four main categories of the website. They sell a multitude of things, baking cups, flavouring oils, baking sugars, sprinkles, edible glitter, pastry tips and bags, tags and labels, bakery boxes and fun party supplies. It is a great website - perfect for the baker looking to spice up their cooking life! Check out these great baking cups! So fun for parties and events!

They also created a poem which comes on all packaging of their products:

I'm a little baking cup, small and cute
perfect for assorted desserts such as jelly and fruit,
I look delicious as a cupcake or an ice cream delight
but no matter what I am, my colours stay bright

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