Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Pimentón: Spanish & Mediterranean Fine Food is a new store on Mt. Pleasant in Toronto. I have recently noticed it while driving but today was the first time I checked it out and let me say it was so great! I lived in Spain for about four months and Spanish food and cooking have always been near to my heart - so this place just hit home. Pimentón is Spanish for "paprika" or "cayenne pepper." The store is a combination of "a fine prepared food store and a gourmet retail." (pimenton.ca) There is great prepared food, many different products of Spain and the Mediterranean, cooking classes, catering and take out meals.

The classes seem really interesting. They are hands on classes or demonstration classes. Here is an example of one of the classes they offer! Paella - probably the most associated dish with Spain. A delicious rice dish filled with vegetables and fresh seafood!

Paella Menu 
Learn about this, the most famous dish outside Spain and how to cook it properly.We will talk ingredients, techniques and utensils. As well, you will make a Catalunian specialty called Escalivada and learn how to make Turron ice cream from scratch. 

Their products include olive oils, flavoured oils, cheeses, charcuterie, condiments and olives. One of my favourite cheeses is manchego which I tried the first time I visited Spain and luckily they sell it here! And you know it will be good quality just by being in the store.

Pimentón writes that Manchego is "made with 100% manchega ewes milk, is an aged cheese. It can be found semi-cured to cured. It is made primarily in La Mancha. It is one of the most well known cheeses of Spain. It has been protected by its DOC appellation (Denomination of Origin and Quality) since 1984. Manchego cheese is sliced and served up as a Tapa, it is sometimes paired with membrillo or quince paste."

Their catering includes things like a "Tapas Party." A party in which you serve tapas, little Spanish appetizer type foods. They offer two different combination platters along with individual tapas choices. The "Iberian Platter" includes a selection of Spanish cheeses, Spanish Serrano Ham, Chorizo Ibérico, Salchichón Ibérico, olives and assorted fresh bread. Individual tapas includes chicken and Spanish serrano ham croquetas, chorizo tartlets, herb stuffed mushroom caps, and Galician tuna empanada.

For those of you Spain lovers I highly recommend making a stop at Pimetón and for those of you interested in learning more this is the place for you!

681 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto  M4S 2N2 

 photo credit: pimenton.ca & google images

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