Monday, August 27, 2012


S'mores are such a classic summertime treat! This summer though has been so hot, that the idea of roasting marshmallows over a burning fire in 30+ weather does not really float my boat. The problem is, everyone loves the classic s'more taste. For one of my events this weekend, I wanted to take that taste and turn it into a treat somehow, preserving what a typical s'more is but skipping the heat.

I decided on making a s'more tart. Easy to grab with one hand (a necessity for the party) and a kid favourite. I baked off some individual sized tart shells, melted some chocolate, filled them, dusted with some ground graham crackers and finished with mini marshmallows that I then took a mini blow torch too.

They turned out perfect, and were a total hit with the kids at the party. Although, I think I should have just put out a bowl of mini marshmallows as well, I found a few tarts still chocolate filled but marshmallow-less.

Have you ever changed up how you eat a s'more? Here are some other fun ways to try making them in this last week of summer!

S'more treats: a great gift for a cottage host/hostess

S'more pops: a marshmallow dipped in chocolate covered in graham crackers. I love this idea!

S'more sundae: cool down your s'more with a scoop of ice cream (or maybe try it with a scoop of toasted marshmallow ice cream!)

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