Thursday, August 9, 2012


This summer has been so hot - I honestly cannot believe how warm it has been. With predictions of rain and storms on the horizon for this coming cottage weekend, I thought I would share the perfect three cottage comfort foods for a rainy weekend. Cozy up with delicious treats and enjoy the summer rain.

1. HOMEMADE HOT CHOCOLATE: bring two cups of cream or 2% milk to a boil, add in 1/3 of a cup grated good quality chocolate - 70% is best.  Whisk together and allow the chocolate to melt and come together. Add a pinch of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon and serve.

2. GOOEY GRILLED CHEESE: grilled cheese is a perfect lunch for both kids and adults. For the less adventurous kids make a simple grilled cheese using Canadian cheddar on a white or brown loaf. For the adults, do something a little more upscale. Buy a great loaf of bread (such as cranberry walnut, or a pumpkin seed loaf), use two cheeses such as a sharp white cheddar and gruyere (a really great melting swiss cheese) and finish it off by sandwiching a few slices of green apple (or pear) in the middle. Grill and let all the cheeses melt. You cannot go wrong with this!

3. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: nothing passes some time like an activity. A perfect one for a rainy day is a chocolate chip cookie. Not only is it a great activity but a delicious treat to indulge in afterwards. I recently tried a new chocolate chip recipe, and I have to say they were pretty great. Find the recipe HERE!

photo credit: cupcakes&cashmere, pinterest

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