Monday, August 6, 2012


My catering decor & presentation style is best described as rustic & crafty. I love wooden boards, twine, kraft coloured paper and most importantly mason jars. I use them for everything. They are perfect to hold my salad dressings, cream cheese, jams, and individual desserts (such as cheesecakes or chocolate mousse).

Another really great use for mason jars are drinks. Whether it is lemonade for your kids, a Sunday caesar, or a batch of mixed up summer drinks for a party, mason jars are a great go to idea to hold your drinks.

Easy to seal, and with a lid one can write their name on, this takes the red solo cup to a whole new level. Try using a mason jar at your next party, and bring a little "craft" into your life!

NOTE: mason jars can be found at canadian tire, in all shapes and sizes and usually costs around $10-12 for a twelve pack.

photo credit: pinterest

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