Sunday, August 12, 2012


Dirt? What a weird name for a title, but let me tell you the explanation behind this title and why you will want to try out this crazy dessert! Years ago, one of our families favourite caterer's introduced to us the dessert called "dirt." Before I saw it, I was so skeptical as to what it could possibly be. It has become a family favourite and just recentley I made it for a client.

Dirt is a really fun dessert for the kids. Basically, you take the idea behind the earth/ground and apply it to a dessert. You have your "earthy" layer, which is either chocolate or vanilla pudding, then you have your layer of worms (I use gummy worms!) and then finally you have the soil layer, or in this case ground up oreos. Sprinkle a few more gummy worms on top and you are good to go. To make it a bit nicer for my client I bought edible flowers and topped the soil layer with both the flowers and the gummy worms. This gave the sense that it was a in bloom garden. I loved it! I used a long rectangular flower pot to serve the dirt tonight, but those tin or terra cotta pots are also a great vehicle to serve from. Just make sure if you are using a potting device that has been outdoors to line it with some saran wrap!

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