Friday, August 31, 2012


As the summer comes to a close, I thought I would share my top three foods that I loved eating and cooking this summer.

1. RIBS: I can't even count how many times I cooked ribs this summer, but with all that practice I have finally perfect my recipe. Rubbed with a blend of spices, then slow cooked with some dark beer, slathered with a homemade BBQ sauce and thrown on the grill, these truly were the perfect summer meal.

2. CORN "BUTTER": After reading an article in Gilt Taste about how to make this "corn butter," which is essentially blended corn which is strained and thickened naturally on the stove. This was a delicious accompaniment to steak, beef tenderloin etc.

3. WILD BLUEBERRIES: I have always loved blueberries, but this summer sparked my new appreciation. These tiny little things are packed with fresh Ontario flavour and this summer I just adored them. Whether they were raw on top of some creamy Kawartha Dairy ice cream, or cooked as a sauce or in a pie, these bluebs did not disappoint!

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