Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is probably going to be the first post I have ever written for Emma's Eatery where I am not talking about food, just life...but here it goes!

I honestly can't believe where the time goes, and let me tell you why:

A year ago today I was just starting my second semester at George Brown. A summer semester filled with 7am labs, long days, brutally hot cooking classes, and a hunger for more food knowledge. It was an exhausting summer but by the end of it I still felt that I had so much to learn. Then came September, which brought on my internship at BUCA, which eventually led to a my part time job! I could never have imagined how much I would learn at BUCA, even about things that were completely unrelated to my station - such as how to make a perfect pasta dough.

I sit here today, basically a year later from the start of my second semester of culinary school. I have just begun a new adventure, starting my own catering company, and I am happily getting to be quite busy. I feel confident in my skills & knowledge, although I know I will always be wanting to learn and know more. My life has completely changed from the student days of last summer to dealing with paperwork, taxes, client relations, and the logistics of serving good food all over the city.

I am so happy that I took the plunge into this crazy catering world. Last week I had a day that started at 7am and wrapped up at 1:30 am. And as ridiculous as it sounds, I loved every minute of it - and it didn't even feel like work. After a day like that I wholeheartedly know I have made the right decision to follow my passion and take my love for food to the next level!

Thank you to all my blog readers & supporters for the countless words and messages of support. They all really do keep me going!!

And for more on my catering services, take a peek at Emma's Eatery Catering Website.

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