Sunday, May 13, 2012


You really can never go wrong with beautiful tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, good quality olive oil and a sprinkle of maldon salt!

These ingredients truly perfect one of the most popular salads around - the tomato salad! These salads tend to be everywhere, especially at this time of year and I really am all for it!

You can really do whatever you like with the tomatoes, another great option is to roast them first (by baking at 350 for about half an hour with some olive oil, salt & pep). I really do like them when they are just sliced and drizzled with that lovely olive oil & balsamic goodness!

For a great, quick & entertaining type salad give this tomato salad a whirl!

Tomato Salad
Serves: 8

- 4 large beefstake tomatoes
- 1 ball mozzarella, hand pulled into pieces
- handful of basil leaves
- salt (I like Maldon salt best with tomatoes) & pepper
- good quality olive oil
- good quality balsamic vinegar

- Slice the tomatoes to the same width and arrange on a plate
- Season with salt & pepper
- Place the pulled mozzarella & basil on top of the tomatoes
- Drizzle with olive oil & balsamic
- Serve & enjoy!

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  1. Emma! Again this looks amazing!! I need to make this salad asap! I LOVE summer food :o)