Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Last week I catered an event for the Writer's Trust of Canada. It was a literary salon with David Chilton (the author of the ever famous The Wealthy Barber) for a crowd of young adults & friends.

I was asked to do the event as it was all about the twenty-year-olds. The event was hosted by two friends and recent university grads, and so that is how I came to participate on that evening. It was quite an amazing night, and very special to hear David Chilton talk about life, the book, and what it's like to be Canada's newest Dragon on "Dragon's Den."

There happened to be a writer from MacLean's Magazine in attendance that night - and I luckily had the chance to chat with her about my new catering business venture. Check out the article from Jessica Allen, and read a little bit about Emma's Eatery and the appetizers that night!


One of the three appetizers: mini pulled pork with coleslaw on a mini ciabatta

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