Monday, July 26, 2010


The Hot & Spicy Food Festival is coming to Toronto Aug 13-15, 2010. This hot, spicy, sultry and sweet festival is here to explore the origins of species and foods and their migrations through time and globally. Such as: cocoa drinks by the Mayans which transformed to spicy chocolate moles in Mexico or jalapeƱo chocolate in Texas. Wasabi and sushi or wasabi and ice cream? Local and international chefs as well as farmers show their part in this global scene.

The festival weekend is jam packed with lots of exciting events. Here are some of the great things this spicy festival has to offer:

- Harbourfront’s “Best Spicy Dessert in Toronto” contest.
- Red Hot Marketplace (sample and buy sauces, marinades, dips)
- 10 Tastes to Try Before You Die – India meets Mexico
- Redpath Kids Crafts
- Salon del Gusto – The Greenbelt Tasting Hall: farmers about the work they do and wide range of foods available in Ontario
- Longo’s International Iron Chef Competition
- Small Scale Vegetable Growing and Composting Workshop
- Create Your Own Soda Pop – teaches kids how to create Soda Pop!

This festival looks to be extremely promising, with local flare and plenty to satisfy the kids!

Participating Vendors:
Betty K Foods
Bistro Blends Inc.
Brooks Pepperfine Foods
Chetty's Hot Sauce
Eadrey Food Company
Edna's Pickles
Erica’s Country Style
Hot Mamas Food Inc.
Island Spiced
Jake Albert’s Specialty Food
Jan’s Catering Service
The Joy of Harvest
Mad Mexican Foods
Mengrai Gourmet Thai
Organics and Gold Inc.
Pepper Brew
Shashi’s Indian Cooking Classes
Sun Sweet Catering
Susie’s Hot Sauce

photo credit: hot & spicy food festival

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