Monday, July 19, 2010


Pasta, pasta, pasta!

Pasta is a dish that has become a worldwide sensation - different shapes, different sauces, different methods of preparation. This book, THE GEOMETRY OF PASTA teaches you to match pasta with sauce. It explains how pasta "teams up" with sauce to "maximize taste and texture and to turn you from an average into a great pasta cook." (book)

There are said to be over 300 different shapes of pasta - each with their own history and story to tell. This multitude of shapes have evolved alongside flavours of local ingredients and with the proper pairing can make any dish exquisite. Each shape of pasta is accompanied by a fabulously elegant and crisp black and white drawing.

The book pairs together over 100 authentic recipes by chef Jacob Kenedy and designs by Caz Hildebrand. The pair reveal the secret to the science, history and philosophy from Italy's best known product - fresh and delicious pasta.

'The Geometry of Pasta is exactly what I would expect it to be: stylish, greed-inducing, knowledgeable and witty; an instant classic.' Nigella Lawson

 `The Geometry of Pasta is the most stylish, and delicious, foodie publication of the year.'  GQ Magazine

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