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Chocolate lovers this post is dedicated to you!!!

Chocri is a German company that started in September of 2008 but has just announced that they are now delivering to Canada! Chocri is a company that allows you to customize your own chocolate bars via their website. The bars are made in Germany and then shipped right to your door! Chocri is a great company as they only use organic and fair trade chocolate from Belgium. They also have over 100 toppings that lets you customize your bar for your every desire!

Not only can you create your own chocolate bar, but the company has come up with great chocolate bar ideas for every occasion! So for those that have a hard time creating a delicious creation with so many options, there are ones already designed for you!

Here are a couple of the bar ideas they have:

Instant Wealth: dark chocolate, real gold flakes, raspberries
Happy Graduation: milk and white chocolate, gummy bears, ground coffee beans, goji berries
The "Cinnamon Girl" Bar: milk chocolate, cinnamon, pecans, rice crispies, bourbon vanilla, apple bits
Summer Fever: white chocolate, orange chocolate drops, organic mint leaves, coconut shavings
Dream Beach Vacation: milk chocolate, banana chips, mango cubes, papaya cubes, coconut shavings
The Firemaker: dark chocolate, ginger, wasabi peanuts, jalapenos, cayenne pepper

Here are some of the crazy and incredible ingredients that Chocri offers for their custom built bars:

Fruits: apple bits, date bits, fig bits, plum bits, sour cherries, apricot

Spices: anise, basil, caraway, chives, coriander, fennel, fleur de sel, ground chili, orange pepper, rosemary

Nuts: hazelnut brittle, noghi almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, volcano cashews, wasabi peanuts

Confections: cappuccino drops, gummy bears, strawberry drops, toffee, sizzle rocks

Decor: golden pearls, marzipan rose, mini sugar bananas, star decoration, sugar flowers

Grains: bacon, black sesame, candied lilac, candied rose petals, cocoa nibs, cornflakes, flower fix, organic chamomile, organic mint leaves, organic poppy seeds

Will you try out these cool Chocri creations?! I sure will! Visit chocri @

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