Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You actually will not even believe this when I tell you. And how fitting that I just found this considering I just blogged about Gelato.

There is legitimately a place called GELATO UNIVERSITY in Bologna, Italy. A true place for gelato aficionados to come and study the art of making it. Luciano Ferrari is the brains behind this operation, and the institute is founded by Carpigiani gelato equipment. The institute was founded in 2001, and offers more than 300 courses from September to July including an eight week English beginner session. Its $1000 for the courses, but over 3,000 students have attended this year.

At Gelato University you make about 20 different flavours during the week, at one of their 18 gelato making stations. In lectures you learn about the importance of butter-fat-to-sugar ration in order to make a velvety texture. The curriculum consists of six courses, three days each. Ferrari is a gelatiere or a “frozen dessert technologist,” and has even insisted his students taste his creative Parmesan cheese gelato. Not his best however! What an interesting concept for a school. But in this health conscious world, people are interested in learning about healthier options, which gelato definitely is (with less air and less butter-fat). How many students can say that their professor is wearing a navy blue apron and white gloves, and whose core subjects are “lemon-cream, pistachio and chocolate.”

photo credit: & gelato university

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