Monday, March 19, 2012


Khao San Road is Toronto's acclaimed Best Thai Food, featuring real fresh flavours from the streets of Thailand!

This place has been open for a while now, and I realized that I had never blogged about it. A little late to the game on this one,  but with a recent visit I thought this would be a good chance! Who doesn't love looking at pictures of some truly incredible Thai food?!

Open for lunch & dinner and located in Toronto's Entertainment District, Khao San Road is a perfect spot for a flavour filled quick lunch or a fun vibrant dinner. The feeling of the restaurant is not like your typical Thai restaurant! It is fun, lively and ALWAYS packed! A really homy & welcoming spot to be, with great tunes playing all the time.

Featuring a diverse menu Khao San Road has great appetizers for sharing (they are big!) and wonderful curries, noodles, specials and some of the best pad thai I have ever had! I adore pad thai, and if you do too, you know it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a good pad thai in Toronto! But look no further, if you haven't been then I have answered your prayers, check it out! Featuring two types, Street Style and Chef's Style (Sweet, Sour or Savoury) you can't go wrong!

You must also get the Chai Nom Yen: an infusion of Thai spices and black tea mixed with condensed milk and served over crushed ice, also known as Thai Iced Tea! It is so delicious and refreshing! It is big though, so you could easily share between too because you don't want to fill up before the food from your drink!

Gaeng Massaman (curry) is my other favourite, and a favourite of a good friend who spent a lot of time in Thailand! She informed me that this Massaman is equally as good as the ones she ate while travelling. This dish is, "The only Thai curry with a twist of tamarind, cooked with onions, peanuts, potatoes, and bay leaves, topped with crispy fried shallots." So incredibly tasty!!

Another appetizer I tried were the Gra Bong squash fritters! A really light batter on shredded squash seasoned with ginger, lemongrass and red curry. These were a great start to a meal!

For a wonderful dinner (or lunch!) filled with real Thai food, making you feel like you are in the middle of the road in Bangkok, check out Khao San Road!!!

Khao San Road
326 Adelaide St West
647 352 5773

photo credit: my own

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  1. Emma!
    I had the exact same meal - massaman and the squash fritters and it was SO AMAZING. Just like Thailand!

    Christie ღ