Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Pinterest is so popular these days and after looking at the "Food" section it reminded me of one of my old favourite foodie websites - Tastepotting. Which is basically online collection of food, recipes and cool things about food. And today was no different, I found an article with pictures of a cookbook that you can use to read, cook out of and then, get this, EAT! 

Made out of 100% fresh pasta, it can be opened, filled page by page with the ingredients you wish and then finally cooked. It is designed and packaged to become a classic lasagne and was devolved as a pilot project for the Gerstenberg Publishing House (they produce hight quality culinary & art books) based out of Germany. 
Check out the pictures, I think this is just too crazy and neat!

photo credit: http://www.korefe.de/en/2012/1960/das-erste-und-einzige-kochbuch/

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