Sunday, March 18, 2012

2011 Top Ten

Every year brings new discoveries and 2011 was right up there for new things in my world of food!

Here are the top ten things from 2011!


1. Completing an 8 week internship at BUCA and then getting hired on the Salumi Station

2. Dinner at Toronto's Campagnolo, a 2011 winner of Air Canada's EnRoute Top 10 New Restaurants

3. Experiencing one of my favourite types of food: BBQ in Chicago at legendary barbecue joint Chicago Q 

4. Finally making it to EATALY in NYC (from previous posts you will know, it is an Italian foods mecca located in the heart of Midtown, NYC)

5. Managing to cater a three night weekend event for 25 people each night all on my own! Including menu design, presentation etc. I really felt I pushed myself on that one!

6. Learning to finally make different types of pasta. Also with the use of two new pasta machines!

7. Eating at The Breslin in NYC. An incredible nose-to-tail restaurant run by a fabulous British Chef, April Bloomfield 

8. Catering a three course meal + appetizers for 12, for a company office party with my two good friends from GBC

9. Attending a Jamie Oliver event in Toronto where I loved every minute of hearing him talk about how he has helped children's eating through his food campagins 

10. Finally starting to master some desserts in the kitchen! Not always my favourite part of cooking, but I am finally embracing desserts and really taking some chances!

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