Friday, November 19, 2010


I recently stumbled across the most enthusiastic and cool site devoted to sweets! CAKESPY – whose motto is "Seeking Sweetness in Everyday Life.” is a Dessert Detective Agency dedicated to seeking sweetness (literally) in everyday life. They do this by writing about bakeries, conducting baking experiments and picking the brains of bakers and food artists, and finding awesome products for lovers of baked goods! The Cakespy crew is headed up by Jessie Oleson, Head Spy. She is a freelance writer and illustrator and she recently opened up a retail CakeSpy Shop in Seattle.

While poking around on Cakespy I realized there was a place to contribute – so I sent over none other than my fabulous Pavlova recipe. Jessie has featured it on and here is the link to check out Emma's Eatery on Cakespy!

I though I would do a little reciprocal blogging and do a quick Q&A with Jessie about her love for baked goods!

Emma B.: How did you first come to love cakes (and sweets)?
Jessie Oleson: It appears to be something I inherited from my parents. My mother is an avid baker, and both my mother and father are avid eaters of sweets. I blame them!

EB: Where did the idea for “Cakespy” come from?
JO: Well. Before I was a professional Cake Gumshoe, I was the art director at a refrigerator magnet company (no, really). While I got "fed" artistically, I felt that I was missing out on other passions. So I sat down one day and thought to myself: "can I do something that unites all of my greatest loves: writing, illustration, and baked goods?". The spy idea came to me because at the time I was about to get married and was running around town trying all the wedding cake places and felt like an undercover spy trying to find the best one. I figured I would start a blog centered around these things I loved while I figured out what I "really" wanted to do. Little did I know this humble little blog could be the springboard for all of the wonderful things I've been able to do since that day!
EB: What is your job as Head Cake Spy, dessert detective?
JO: As Head Spy at a dessert detective agency, my job is to seek out things that make life sweeter--in my case, they tend to be bakery finds, recipes, and sweet art--and share my findings with the world. My goal? To make the world just a little sweeter.

EB: What is your favourite part about the job?
JO: The fact that I am always doing something related to one of my three greatest loves: writing, illustration, and baked goods.

EB: Any tips for baking lovers out there?
JO: Butter makes everything better.

For more on Jessie & Cakespy visit and explore the endless, wonderful possibilities of baking. The site presentation alone is enough to make you want to always come back for more! Enjoy!

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