Monday, October 11, 2010


One of Toronto top chefs has done it again, Mark McEwan has added Fabbrica - his newest restaurant to the Mark McEwan family across the city. Fabbrica, located in the Shops at Don Mills is traditional Italian cuisine.

The menu has the classic Italian choices but the restaurant is nothing less than top-notch. Pizzas are made on a wood-burning brick oven from Naples, the tomatoes are from the San Marzano valley, the hand-milled flour is imported from Italy and Fabbrica's executive chef Rob LeCair was sent to New York to train under the Associzione Pizziuloi Napoletani. You can clearly see the restaurant has the makings to be another McEwan hit!  I cannot wait to check this one out! 

49 Karl Fraser Rd. (at Shops at Don Mills)

photo credit: toronto life

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