Friday, September 10, 2010


I don't think I could go to Greece and not blog about SAGANAKI. I am truly obsessed with this Greek dish - ask anyone I travelled with! I was always on the hunt for a good Saganaki, and luckily on our last night we had the best one!

Saganaki is the name for the popular pan-seared cheese appetizer found all over Greece. The cheese is usually kefalograviera, kasseri, kefalotryi or sheep's milk feta. The cheese is melted in a hot frying-pan until it bubbles. It is then brought to the table in the hot pan (sometimes on fire!) and then doused with a fresh lemon. In more westernized Greek cuisine, Saganaki is flambeed at the table with brandy (usually with a shout of OPA!) and then put out with the traditional lemon. I cannot describe to you how delicious saganaki truly is. The cheese is perfectly warm and oozing. Saganaki is served with bread, but I loved to eat mine with some tzatziki!

Mussels saganaki is a variation of the saganaki dish and one of the best dishes I ate in Greece! The mussels are mixed into a saganaki based spicy tomato sauce! Just delicious!

photo credit: kb & google images

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