Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My wonderful vacation started off in London, England. Home to bangers&mash, mushy peas and PIMMS. However, luckily this trip had some excellent food finds!

On our first night in London, we were quite jet lagged but famished none the less. We had a recommendation for this really cool restaurant that had tables not only only on the ground when you walk in, but also up above - tree fort styles. We checked the location and it was RIGHT at the end of the street - serendipitous I'd say! BUONA SERA is the restaurant on the King's Road in Chelsea, London. Not only was the atmosphere extremely cool and unlike any other restaurant I'd been too (as I felt like I was up above in a cool tree top table) but the food ended up being delicious! Great bruschetta and delicious risotto's!

On our next day in London after shopping about Oxford St. we were looking for something on-the-go for lunch. Wandering is usually the best tactic for that, so as suspected we came across a great little outdoor market and to-go type places. The sandwhich place we stopped was incredible and I could not believe they were selling it on the street! They needed their own bakery. They had dozens of sandwhiches, fresh baguettes, delicious mini desserts and soup. We had a taster of the "Wild Mushroom Soup" (made with real field mushrooms) and we had to have it! My sandwhich was top notch - a Vietnamese sub with pork, cilantro, pickled cucumber, onions and a light dressing on a delicious piece of baguette! Just what anyone on the go would love to enjoy.

That wraps up my best food finds for London, now on to the main attraction -- GREECE!

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