Friday, October 19, 2012


To all those culinary friends out there...

This Sunday, hosted at Woodbine Park in the Beaches will be SOUPSTOCK!

Soupstock is a one-day culinary celebration that will feature soups from over 200 of Canada's top chefs! The food will be Canadian driven fresh and local. And not only will the chefs be in attendance but the farmers too. The idea behind Soupstock is to gain recognition and support to stop the Highland companies proposed mega quarry which will destroy farmland in Canada and destroy much of our drinkable water.

The event is supported by the Canadian Chef's Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation. Last year the event was up in the farmland area north of Toronto but right here it is in the city, and they are expecting over 40,000 people!

Come out and try some amazing soup - but don't forget to bring your own bowl and spoon!

A welcome from David Suzuki...

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