Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Tuesday night, my twitter was blowing up with tweets about Michelle Obama's 2012 National Democratic Convention Speech. The press raved about her poise and presence in the speech, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to talk about Michelle and her contribution to food, culture and the fight against obesity in the United States.

The beautiful book

The First Lady is well known for her massive White House Garden. The garden boasts sustainable local agriculture, national farm policy, school gardens and mostly an opportunity to learn about childhood nutrition and health which is all found in the common ground of a garden. 

Building the garden

The book is jammed packed with photos and descriptions of the seasonal benefits and delight of growing and producing fruit and vegetables. The garden has become a symbol for the First Lady's anti-obesity campaign, which in the book highlights her advice for parents, schools, cities and states on how at each level they can help to combat the obesity crisis. It starts which the "how to" in starting a garden, getting children to eat these healthy fruit of the loom from the garden and finding more opportunity for exercise. 

Working with children and schools in the garden

I think that what Michelle Obama has done at the White House with her garden is truly incredible, and it is really nice to see someone in such a powerful position promoting food, and food culture. Congrats to the First Lady for her great preservation in teaching those about the love of fresh food.

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