Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My friend Carl writes a blog called Made This // Ate This, where his posts are titled Made This for something he made or Ate This for something that he ate, whether it be at a restaurant or a friends home. I thought I would use part of his title to label this post highlight a few gorgeous platters that I made for an event last week.

The first platter is the charcuterie board; a collection of cured meats and pates, this board definitely takes the old school cold cuts and steps it up a notch. Be sure to select different meats and salami, that range from mild to hot. For pate, make sure to get something nice and smooth. I tend to lean towards pork liver or chicken liver pate. To garnish a charcuterie board think cutting the fat. You need something acidic to cut the fattiness of cured meats. For this board I used gherkin pickles, cured olive oil olives and spicy green olives. I also added a spoonful of grainy mustard which is a perfect accompaniment when eating charcuterie with a cracker or crisp.

A cheese platter is a classic piece to serve. Easy and ever pleasing, you can't go wrong. For the cheeses; you need different textures and flavours. Stick to the big four: a blue, a canadian cheddar, a brie or triple cream and then something a bit different like a manchego or pecorino. Garnishing a cheese board is key, and helps add to the releasing the flavour of the cheeses. I always serve jams and jelly with my cheeses and for this board I did an apricot jam and a red pepper jelly. (I love red pepper jelly, goes so well with most cheeses!) Whenever I am garnishing a cheese board I make sure I have a selection of fresh fruits, dried fruit and sometimes nuts. Cashews, figs, grapes, cherries and dried apricots are great accompaniments to a cheese board. Not only are they delicious but they also add colour! (DO: Drizzle some honey on the figs!)

The veggie tray. Sick and tired of baby carrots and celery sticks? I certainly am! So do something different with your crudités board, jazz it up, it's so easy! Think different, for carrots, try heirloom coloured carrots. They are equally as delicious but far more visually appealing. For this board I did blanched Ontario asparagus and blanched radishes to spice it up. But you can really use anything! Check out a farmers market or the produce section for inspiration. Other options include snow peas, green beans, broccolini, coloured cauliflower - you name it! Have fun with your veggies.

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  1. Emma! Love the veggie board - great idea to mix it up!! Also loving the figs drizzled in honey :o)!! YUM