Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of my sole missions to complete in New York was to check out the Italian super store/restaurant complex that takes up a whole city block called Eataly. This place is what I consider to be Italian heaven. Fresh ingredients every, dedicated to the best product, hand made foods and everything Italian. This place is a mecca for anyone looking to cook, learn or eat Italian. It took me forever to wander through here, aisle after aisle and restaurant after restaurant. I could not leave the cheese & meats aisles, they were to die for ! Whole walls of just parmesan and fresh charcuterie! Amazing! And the coolest part I found about Eataly, was that it was not just for tourists. People actually shopped there (I would only shop there if I lived in New York)! We went on a Saturday, and the place was packed! The meat&cheese restaurant bar was already full at 11am, people were eating pasta and pizza and it wasn't even noon! We sampled an Italian sandwich of crusty baguette and house cure proscuitto, simple and perfect, classic European.

For more info on Eataly and its greatness visit -

Outside the entrance!
Incredible variety of meats
Canadian Lobster!

Insane mushroom selection 

                 Onion selections                                           I love Parmesan!

photo credit: my own

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