Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sorry for my lack of blogging, but now for some posts on my New York City adventures!

The first spot I want to talk about is called - The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, located beside/in New York's ACE Hotel. I first heard about the spot through one of the chefs at Part&Labour who had tweeted a picture from the hotel, from there I checked it out and decided it was a must go! The restaurant is sister to New York's also popular "Spotted Pig." Both restaurants are "nose-to-tail" restaurants, meaning that thy use everything from the nose to tail of animal products, preventing waste and teaching eaters about different parts of the animal and how they can be enjoyed. A trend that is seriously hitting Toronto these days! The chef and co-owner of both The Breslin & Spotted Pig, April Bloomfield is a NYC legend. She received a Michelin Star for the Spotted Pig.

The Breslin is a great spot, wooden decor with a casual yet seriously hip feel and little pictures and figurines of pigs and other animals adorn the walls. The place was packed, and we walked in for lunch at 230! But you can clearly see why, with an open concept kitchen, the restaurant is producing fabulous product. With a smaller menu, The Breslin is able to focus more on each dish, making sure it is perfect. I loved the feel of this place, and with a great snacks menu it would the perfect spot for after work beers as well. New Yorkers, and NYC visitors this is a definite must see!

Some of their great snacks include:
Boiled peanuts cooked in pork fat
Chicken liver parfait with madeira jelly
Spiced Almonds
Caramel Popcorn

For lunch I had hear the burger was a must! So we ordered the Chargrilled lamb burger with feta, cumin mayo and thrice cooked chips and the Oven Baked 3 cheese sandwich with onion marmalade and mustard. The BEST grilled cheese, the onion marmalade was out of this world!!

For more on their menus check out: http://thebreslin.com/menu-lunch.html

So for a great casual, but delicious bar-like dining experience, check out The Breslin!

photo credit: my own & the breslin

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