Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Happy December 1st! The Christmas Countdown has finally begun!!

What better way to get in the spirit of the holidays then baking! Cookie exchanges, bringing baked goods to the officer, sharing them with your family...there are so many ways holiday baking can be enjoyed!

Food Network has started their "12 Days of Cookies." Today is day 3and for the next 9 days they will be showcasing a different cookie recipe each day! Check it out for some inspiring and delicious cookie ideas!

Todays cookie: Garam-Masala Chocolate Gingerbread
Get the recipe here:

They also wrote an article called the 50 Holiday Cookies -  50 recipes to celebrate! Check it out here:
Knowing a bunch of different recipes and making a bunch of different cookies is a great way to give a "variety pack" of baked goods at Christmas instead of sticking to just one kind. My mom each holiday usually dedicates one full day to baking all her goodies, but I know one of my baking goddess friend Adi likes to make hers ahead of time and then freeze them till she needs them. Such a smart idea!

Get baking! What are your favourite holiday classics to make?! Comment here and let me know!

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