Tuesday, November 20, 2012


BBQ and true southern smoked meat is a  love of mine. I think it all started watching so many Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives episodes, but further heightened the more I tried different barbecue restaurants and the more I practiced. A new part of barbecue that I have recently started to learn more about it smoking!

I just moved into a new place that has a large backyard and patio - so one of the first things on my list to get is a smoker. I can't wait to start testing out different types of wood and styles. Watch out Toronto, there is going to be a new BBQ master in town!

I found this great list of wood tips, tastes and ideas online, and have used it for my own cooking, so I thought I would share these great tips with you. You don't need a smoker to enjoy that smokey flavour, there are plenty of ways to DIY smoke at home! (SEE ABOVE)

Apple Wood
- Fruity sweet smoke
- Good for poultry or pork
- Can be mixed with Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood
- Sweet fruity taste
- Works well with poultry, game hens, pork, jerked meats

Hickory Chips
- The classic of smoking woods
- Strong old-fashioned flavour, but too much can overpower!
- Great on a smoker grill with most meats, but best with Beef
- Also gives a bacony flavour when you smoke cheese

Maple Wood
- Subtle sweet smoke flavour
- Good with pork

- Familiar Tex-Mex smoke odor and flavour
- Great with beef or chicken on a smoker grill

Oak Wood
- Balanced smokey flavour, blends well with Cherry or Apple
- Great for any type of meat

Pecan Chips
- Sweet flavour with a hint of nuttiness
- Good for asian inspired recipes

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